Sanjeev M

Coordinator, Finance & Production

When he was four years old, Sanjeev’s father sat him down in front of the family’s old laser disc player and forced him to watch the original Star Wars trilogy. Captured by the films’ world and characters, Sanjeev realized that he wanted to be able to tell his own stories. He has been working towards that goal ever since. Sixteen years later, Sanjeev found himself chasing that passion to Boston, where he majored in Film and Television at Boston University. After graduating Magna Cum Laude in 2018, Sanjeev moved to LA, where he started as an intern for XYZ before joining the company’s Finance & Operations team.

Sanjeev is also terrified of birds. No, really. When he was a child, a peacock pecked him on the nose and then spread its wings, and, well… it’s been a thing ever since.