Tamir Ardon

Tamir Ardon is a Chicago native who spends as much time in the Windy City as humanly possible. He’s never met a chocolate milkshake he hasn’t loved (as long as it’s extra thick, and to the top!) Tamir joins XYZ Films as Director of International Distribution. Prior to XYZ, Ardon was a development executive at several production companies where he produced unscripted television for both cable and network TV. He also consulted with XYZ Films since its inception on various projects, including XYZ’s festival marketing materials.

He’s considered the world’s leading historian regarding all things DeLorean: the car, the company, and the man. No, this isn’t a joke. See the picture above for reference.

Ardon earned an MFA from the UCLA Producers Program in 2006. He is also XYZ’s in-house medical expert having earned his MS from Rush Medical University in Anatomy and Cellular Biology in 2004. Weird right?! He graduated from Beloit College in 2001 majoring in one of the most useful and practical of life’s disciplines – Philosophy.