Nomura, a man in his early thirties, lives successfully in Tokyo, Japan. Girls like him and he likes being in their company, however, none of them realizes the true sinister identity behind his clean cut façade. Nomura has been leaving a legacy of violent murders that he immortalizes through video clips that he posts in on public video website. He revels in the fact that millions of people have been witnesses through his virally spread videos.

Thousands of miles away from him, in a whole different world, lives Bayu, a disgraced investigative journalist living in a violent and unstable Jakarta, Indonesia. As Bayu’s life is hit by the nadir of failures, he starts to take cue from Nomura’s videos that create an alter ego of a vigilante serial killer who records his own brand of “justified” killings. Nomura’s seemingly confident and controlled charm starts to peel away when his ego is wounded by the fact that Bayu’s videos have reached a significant number of followers that could rival his own. Complicating matters further is Nomura’s bizarre attraction towards a traumatized young florist Hisae. Bayu himself starts to sink deeper into a spiral of violence; obsessed to bring down one of the country’s biggest corruptors by leaving a series of bloody rampages, not realizing the repercussion towards his young daughter Elly.

As chaos unfurls a rivalry between Nomura and Bayu develops into an uncontrollable psychosis, impacting the people surrounding them. Nomura’s eventual peak of mayhem will find him traveling to a country he never knew of, confronting Bayu, and sending both into a climatic clash.

Director: Timo Tjahjanto & Kimo Stamboel
Cast: Kazuki Kitamura, Oka Antara, Rin Takanashi, Luna Maya, Tara Basro, Mei Kurokawa, Ray Sahetapy