XYZ Films is an integrated content company whose mission is to empower visionary storytellers from every corner of the planet. As an independent production company and worldwide sales agency, the company is uniquely suited to identify talented filmmakers and bring their stories to life. XYZ was founded in 2008 by Nate Bolotin, Nick Spicer, and Aram Tertzakian, and is best known for The Raid franchise, 2017 Sundance winner I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore, and Panos Cosmatos’ psychedelic revenge thriller Mandy.

In 2019, XYZ expanded into management, working with an international roster of filmmakers, and secured a film fund with ambitions of financing over a dozen films in the next several years. XYZ’s recent works include Stowaway, Joe Penna’s sci-fi thriller starring Anna Kendrick and Toni Collette; Dual, Riley Stearns’ sci-fi film starring Karen Gillan and Aaron Paul; Prisoners of the Ghostland, Sion Sono’s English-language debut, which premiered at Sundance and stars Nicolas Cage; and Jallikattu, India’s submission to the 2021 Academy Awards.